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Korppoolaismäki, Turku, 1997

Site planning and construction planning of separate buildings in Turku.
Construction 1989-1997
Floor area ~60 000m²



Land use planning for an area in Raunistula.
Plan 2004
Completed buildings: Turun Kutomo, Turun Kehräämö, As Oy Turun Puuvilla & As Oy Turun Pumpuli
Under construction: Turun Villa
~51 260m²



A modern wooding housing area in Turku centre, near Turku castle and Turku harbour.

Location: Turku
Consultations commissioned by: YH Kodit Ltd (city planning consultation) and PSJ Holding Oy
Constructions commissioned by: YH-kodit Ltd (District 9) and NCC (District 56 ja 57)
Program: Zoning and city planning, architectural designs and construction plans to districts 9, 56 and 57 for new housing districts and apartment buildings.
Year: 2013-
Status: Construction, on-going

District 56: As Oy Turun Puulinna, 
District 56: As Oy Turun Linnanfältin Lyhdynkantaja
District 9: As Oy Turun Fleminginkatu 8

Lövö - Kaxjälan Archipelago Village

Schauman Arkkitehdit Oy have in collaboration with Schauman & Nordgren Architects envisioned an ambitious proposal for the evolution of the island of Lövö, in the Kimito Islands, into a diverse and resilient, 21st century archipelago community.

The island of Lövö is located in the southern part of the municipality of Kimito Islands, connected to the mainland by the Lövö Bridge that was opened in 2011. The island of Lövö, which is approximately 320 ha in size, is one of the 5000 or so islands that belong to the Kimito Islands municipality, and plays an essential role in connecting the mainland to the outer archipelago further south. Lövö’s connection to the archipelago ring road, Kasnäsintie, introduces a unique potential for the introduction of a new gateway to the archipelago.

The project, called Kaxjäla Archipelago Village, proposes a welcoming small scale environment that is based on its context and its surroundings. A village with a variety of identities, each one with a strong relationship to the existing landscape and the history of the site. A symbiotic relationship to nature and the sea are the starting points for developing Kaxjäla as a sustainable and contemporary 21st century archipelago village.

The plan for “Kaxjäla Archipelago Village” is based on a decentralized structure, divided into 4 different neighbourhoods with their own specific identity. The decentralized structure is proposed in order to minimize the impact on the existing landscape as well as in order to maximize the potential of each area. One of the four neighbourhoods that the project proposes is an area with new rental cottages. These are located on the northern side of the island, in the beautiful forest landscape of Kasberget and provide visitors and tourists alike with a serene experience of nature.

The Forest Bungalows, the rental cottages, introduce a completely unique way of living in and with nature. These self-sustainable houses are carefully positioned within the existing forest landscape, overlooking the seaside in the north. The idea is to live within nature, but with the possibility of modern comfort.

Over time, the development also provides the base for the introduction of the “Village Centre” - a small scale local commercial neigbourhood in direct connection to Kasnäsintie road. It becomes a place where you can stop and socialize or buy what you need on your way further out to the archipelago. You can stop at the shop or the market hall and buy seasonal local products and groceries such as fresh fish and vegetables, or the season’s strawberries and other fruits. Alternatively, you can also just stop by the market place and grab an ice-cream before continuing your travels. This neigbourhood serves not only the local population, but also visitors and tourists who pass by.

When you arrive in Lövö over the bridge from the north you are greeted by the historical setting in Gösta Serlachius archipelago farm on the right hand side. The project proposes opening the historical setting to the public to make it accessible for everyone who is looking for a summer retreat in the archipelago, where fishing, gardening and local food are key values.

Location: Lövö, Kimitoön
Client: Private
Program: Archipelago Village Masterplan
Size: 100 ha
Year: 2016
Status: Commission, on-going
Collaborators: Schauman & Nordgren Architects


Tampere Tulli Halls

The city of Tampere organized an invitational competition to design and build a new exhibition, shopping and housing
hybrid and landscape in the old customs area in the center of Tampere.

The Tulli area, located in the city centre of Tampere, is colored by its industrial heritage which also is a prominent quality in the center of Tampere. The red brick is significant for the area and also a robust parameter to build on, emphasizing heritage and at the same time creating generous conditions for long usage and durability.
“The Tulli Halls” -project will provide Tampere with an environment for future growth based on the city’s heritage. It enables attractive living conditions for a broad target group as well as a public environment where the citizens can meet and share knowledge, experiences and create new stories together in the very center of Tampere.

The tower is a beacon and focal point for the future of Tampere and the Tulli area. The tower will guide guests from the travel center and other parts of Tampere to this cultural arena of both in and outdoor spaces. Both the skyline and the experience at pedestrian will have a grounding in Tampere’s proud heritage as well as aspiring future.

Location: Tampere, Finland
Client: YH Kodit, City of Tampere
Program: Mixed use development (Culture, Office, Housing, Urban space)
Size: 9.800 m2
Year: 2018-
Status: 1st prize in competition in 2018, on-going
Collaborators: MASU Planning, Schauman & Nordgren Architects, Grönlund- Nisunen, Ramboll Finland, Sweco

Kumpula Campus

Aleksandras' park